John Kiat

Good of you to drop by. I’m John Kiat, currently a postdoc with Steve Luck in the Laboratory for Basic and Translational Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of California-Davis where we work on all sorts of neat EEG-related research challenges!

I hold a Ph.D. in Psychology with focuses in Neuroscience & Behavior and Social Cognition (+a quantitative methods minor), from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Most of work focuses on utilizing high-density EEG, in conjunction with behavioral methods, to investigate important issues in the areas of social information processing, affective responding and risk-responsivity. These research lines have the potential to shed light on the fundamental components of complex social cognition while simultaneously making useful contributions to our understanding of factors driving individual differences in social affective responding. Currently, I’m working on extending my expertise in advanced areas of EEG data analysis with a particular emphasis on Decoding and Representational Similarity Analytic techniques.

Over my career, I have the privilege of being mentored by and collaborating with individuals from a diverse range of disciplines (a big shout out to Steve Luck, Jacob Cheadle, Robert Belli, Mike Dodd, Dennis Molfese and everyone who has helped me move forward in so many different ways). I’ve also had the honor of receiving tremendous support from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln through numerous fellowships including the Othmer, Fling and Dean awards.

Technique-wise, I’ve received extensive training in behavioral-experimental methods, advanced statistical methods including multi-level and mixed modeling techniques (shoutout to Lesa Hoffman & Jonathan Templin!) as well as various imaging methods through extended training programs at UC-Davis, UNL, the NIH and the MGH/MIT/HMS Martinos Center for biomedical imaging.

More detailed information on my lines of research can be found under the research tab.

Click here to download a copy of my current CV (updated 9/27/18) or here to shoot me a message via an interactive web form.