John Kiat

Sometimes you just start up a conversation that leads to an interesting idea. Before you know it, a research project is ongoing.  I enjoy being part of the collaborative process in many roles, from data analysis to theoretical framing. Aside from numerous past collaborations, I’m currently involved with research investigating the environmental effects on inhibitory processing with Dr. Julia Torquati & Dr. Anne Schutte as well as Facial processing & Schizotypy with Dr. Charles Davidson. I’ve also done some early work on improving the perceptions of undergraduates towards statistics. The one collaboration which I’ve been spearheading at the moment has been a side project in collaboration with Dr. Jacob Cheadle & Dr. Michael Dodd investigating the neural correlates of gradual change blindness.


A lot of studies investigating the neural processes underlying change blindness are really more change detection studies involving the presentation of two images with an intervening visual disruption like a blank screen. I wanted to know what was going on during gradual change blindness, when things were changing right in front of our eyes often without being noticed….an obvious example below….


A slightly harder one here…though the GIF artifacts do make it a little easier… Take my word for it… people miss close to 90% of these under testing conditions… (;


Since I couldn’t find a paper on the topic that did investigate what I was curious about I developed some materials and collected a bunch of EEG data while people watched them trying to catch the changes. Data collection on this project recently completed and I’m currently in the process of writing the manuscript up for this one…. stay tuned to this space for future updates!

Kiat, J.E, Dodd, M.D., Belli, R.F. Cheadle, J.E. The Neural Signature of Undetected Change: A High-Density Array sLORETA Investigation of Change Blindness in Gradually Changing Scenes. (in preparation)


I’ve loved statistics as far back as I remember. There was even a time when I was heading towards doing a doctorate in quantitative methods before shifting over to my current focus. Sadly, not everyone shares this love and back in my post-undergraduate/pre-graduate transition days as a tutor I collaborated with Dr. Albert Liau to see if we could identify what in-class methods were most effective in shifting folks towards having a more positive view of statistics. This one dates wayyyy back to my raw new-at-the-gig undergraduate days so it’s a little rough but if you’re interested, do feel free to check it out~!

Liau, A.K., Kiat, J.E., Nie, Y. (2014). Investigating the Pedagogical Approaches Related to Changes in Attitudes Toward Statistics in a Quantitative Methods Course for Psychology Undergraduate Students. The AsiaPacific Education Researcher,24(2): 319-327. doi: 10.1007/s40299-014-0182-5.